Affordable & Fastest Auto Rentals in the Turks and Caicos Islands

We are the Turks and Caicos’ car rental service of choice. We are one of the largest rent-a-car companies offering the best transportation services. As a true company of our Island, we are committed to the highest standards and our motto has always been improving your travel and experience in the Islands of Turks & Caicos. Our professional team members fulfil your needs in choosing the best car for you, your family and friends.

Ford expedition on rent

We let you relax in the comfort of our late-model economy or luxury fleet. All of our vehicles are air-conditioned, clean and safe. Our modern vehicles offer you a comfortable and enjoyable ride. We have reasonable rental rates and special packages for a 7-day car hire. We are your one-stop source for car rentals in the Island. Get ready to experience the most friendly and hassle free car hire service!

We here at KKandT’s have implemented a scheme in which we will pick you up no matter where on the Island and bring you to our location. If it is a service that you are looking for, then KKandT’s Auto Rentals is the company you need to deal with in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Whether it is an airport pickup, delivery of the vehicle to your resort, or even an airport drop off, we can drive you or let you drive.

Touring the Islands of Turks & Caicos can be hassle-free with us. Relax and unwind in the 40 islands and cays with miles of pristine white sandy beaches and undisturbed plants and animals with which the natives and residents share their existence. These Islands promise to be your ideal tropical getaway locations.

Our goal is to make you enjoy the Island to an unlimited extent. For this, we advise you to have a tour of Providenciales, which is the main gateway to the Islands and the tourism Mecca. We give you the opportunity to explore this Island at a price starting from as low as $28.99 a day.

Enjoy your car hire with the guarantee of KK & T’s

Rules & Policies

Age Restrictions: The minimum age of the Renter or any Additional drivers must be 25 years or older. A fee of $6.00 per day, per person, will be charged for each additional driver (including spouse).


Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, seven days a week.


If a renter wishes to decline ALL or ANY coverage option and rely on their own insurance to cover the vehicle, the renter must provide proof from their insurance company or Credit Card Company. Coverage is effective in the country of Turks and Caicos Islands for the duration of the rental agreement. For liability insurance, a security deposit of 10% of the vehicles’ full value will be required. If proof is not verified or is invalid, it will be necessary to purchase our insurance.


Refueling charges: Our vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as rented, to avoid a fuel charge of $10.00 per gallon.


Additional Days: Renters will be charged a higher rate for one-day rentals. Late Returns: All rental customers will be allowed a two-hour grace period for returning vehicles. After that, a late fee of 1-day rental will apply.


A spare tire and tools are provided in the vehicle and will attract a fee of $30.00 for roadside assistance plus the cost of the tire if the tire is damaged in any way if customers do not accept (SLI: Supplementary Liability Insurance ). All tires must be inspected in the customers’ presence before renting.


All accidents must be immediately reported to the Police and KK and T’s Auto Rentals main office via telephone number 1-649-941-8377.


Thank you for choosing KK and T’s Auto Rentals. When you arrive, please proceed to the exit, where a rental agent will be holding a KK and T’s Auto Rentals sign right at the airport terminal building, after customers and baggage claim. Please call us at 649-941-8377.


A fee of $150.00 will be charged to your credit card or deducted from any other deposit.


A credit card guarantee is required for each reservation made. Cancellation of rentals must be done within 48 hrs prior to the actual booking. Failure to do so will result in a lost deposit of 30% of the entire rental cost.

Cancellation during/within the rental period: A renter who decides to return their vehicle earlier than the due date shall have to settle the entire rental costs stated in the Rental Agreement. The company will not be held liable for the renter’s sudden changes to their schedule, as we at KKandT’s allocates your vehicle request the minute you walked in or from the time you call in or booked it on-line.


Renter must present a valid driver’s license at the time of rental.


Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) protects you against claims for injury/damage caused to a third party, person or the property. It does not cover injury to you or damage to the rental vehicle. Property damage/public liability covers up to $500,000.00USD in damages and it is at a daily rate of $8.00.

This insurance will cover vehicle recovery fees, loss of use, down time, third party damages and any storage fees. All coverage’s will be void if the terms of the rental agreement are violated in any way. Damage caused to the rental vehicle over the deduction amount varies by vehicle class. Driving under the influence of liquors, drug and or any other substance that could impair the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle, other negligent acts include, of God and driving on the opposite side of the road (the right side).


Forms of Payments: We accept Visa and Master cards only. Credit Card Holder: The estimated amount of the rental plus a minimum of $500.00 to $3500.00 USD will be held on your credit card at the time of rental. Once the vehicle is returned, your deposit will be released, and this process can take up to 7 to 14 business days. All charges will be processed in USD. We will also not be responsible for transaction fees or bank fee related to the charges. We do not accept cash deposits; we only accept credit cards.


Will have a minimum charge of $150.00


The rental contract and insurance are hereby void if the rental car is driven by anyone other than the renter or the additional authorized driver. A PENALTY FEE OF $70.00 WILL BE CHARGED FOR ANY /ALL UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS.


Will have a fee of 10% per day of the entire balance owed until all invoices have been paid in full and will be cut off after two days minimum.


The credit card holder must be the main driver. Any additional drivers to be added to the contract for the credit card insurance to apply (if any).


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is optional providing one of the following conditions is met.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) reduces your financial liability for damage to the vehicle its parts and accessories except for theft attempted theft or vandalism provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Damage caused to the rental vehicle over the deduction amount varies by vehicle class. Driving under the influence of liquors, drug and or any other substance that could impair the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle, other negligent acts include, of God and driving on the opposite side of the road (the right side) or keying the vehicle.

Economy and Compact Sedans. USD 1,000 deductible. Cost USD 15.95/per day. Intermediate sedan, sport utility and vans and Luxury Vehicles USD 1,500 deductible. Cost per day USD 20.95/ per day.

Written proof of coverage for Turks and Caicos from a third party is presented at time of rental. If you have purchased or are relying on third party collision damage waiver any damage to the vehicle will be charged to your credit card and the renter will need to seek reimbursement from the third party policy. The presentation of a credit card or personal auto insurance is not proof of coverage.


KK and T’s Auto Rentals Services Ltd has the following products available upon request. Cell phones, baby car seats, booster seats, maps and other accessories. Prices may vary, and all items are subject to availability.


Holding Reservation: Vehicles will be held for two hours after the actual flight time. When exact flight details have been provided, we will honor all reservations for up to two hours after the reservation pickup time has passed. You may call or email us to inform of a change in your pickup time, and we will honor your reservation. After the two hour window, your reservation will be considered a no-show. The reservation will be cancelled, and a fee of 30% rental deposit will apply. Our phone number is 649-941-8377, and our email is info@kkntsautorentals.com


Customers will be charged an added fee of $150.00 for a locksmith to unlock doors, etc. with keys left in the ignition.


A representative from the hotel can contact us on 1649 941 8377 and reserve your car. In doing so, the following information will be required “Driver’s Name, Home Address, Telephone Number and a Visa or Master card”. Our agent will meet you in the lobby of the hotel or pick you up outside of the hotel and bring you to our office. Upon the arrival of the rental agent to the resort, all drivers must first present a valid driver’s license and the signed contract, etc.


Smoking is prohibited in vehicles and if returned smoky, a recovery fee of $250.00 USD will be charged to your credit card for the smoke odour to be removed.